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…and thank you for taking the time to read about us. Complete eye examinations are an important part of health care, and many diseases may not be noticed until serious damage has occurred. Therefore, we recommend and perform regular and routine eye examinations for adults and children. More… Prior to your first visit, please submit your Registration Form and Patient History Form online, or print out and complete the forms to bring to the office with you – it’s quick and easy!

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Warwar Eye Group office number: 937-297-7676

Office hours of operation 8a-5p Monday through Friday
The Plumwood Optical Shop is also open.

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Our office is independently physician owned and operated. We are not financially affiliated with, controlled by, or influenced by any hospital system, surgery center, health care insurance company, or any other entity which may adversely influence or affect our relationships with our patients.

Questions about:

Floaters and Flashes

Dry Eyes Evaluation and Treatment

Cataracts and Surgery Evaluation

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