Commotio retinae

Commotio retinae is a condition in which the retina is “stunned” or “bruised” as a result of shock waves passing through the eye following blunt trauma. It very commonly occurs following soccer ball injuries to the eye. The person usually notIM000533es fogging or blurring of the vision for a few seconds to a few minutes after impact. While there is no treatment for the condition, the vision generally recovers on its own, but depending on the location and severity it may take days or weeks. If the damage is severe and central on the retina, permanent loss of vision may occur. Examinations of the eye immediately and later are important to monitor for other eye injuries, including a tear or detachment of the retina, which may not appear for days or months.


Above. Commotio retinae.
A sheenlike, glistening-whitening of the retina.