Appointments can be made by calling our office daily between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Some services are performed only on certain days, and some take more time than others. When you call, please tell us the nature of your visit and any special services that you think will need to be performed. If you must cancel an appointment, please call us immediately. This helps us work in patients with urgent problems.

Complete eye examinations may take a great deal of time. We cover emergency room call for many of the area hospitals and patients may be called out of turn for emergencies or brief postoperative checks. We always try to avoid delays, but you can be absolutely certain that the doctors will take all of the time necessary to investigate any and all problems that you may have.

When you arrive at our office, if it is your first visit, you will be given a medical information form to fill out. Please list all of your medical conditions, any eye problems, injuries, or surgeries you have had, and all of the medications, including eye drops, that you use. Or: You can submit your patient information online, or print out our forms to bring to the office with you – it’s quick and easy!

Patient Registration Form

Patient History Form

If another doctor has referred you, please tell us so we can send a full report. A complete medical eye examination may reveal problems or diseases outside of the eye. Therefore, we work closely with your primary care physician and other specialists to assure that your medical care is well coordinated and complete.

Your insurance is important information. Please provide us with a copy of all of your medical and vision insurance cards. If a referral from your primary care physician is required, you are responsible for obtaining it. Your medical insurance will typically cover the medical portion of your eye exam (i.e. cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, injuries, etc.), but usually does not cover glasses prescriptions or contact lens examinations. The patient is always responsible for any fees not covered by their insurance company. We participate with most insurance plans, however, if we are not a provider for your plan, the patient is responsible for the fees.

Surgery is typically performed in our office or in one of the area hospitals. We are affiliated with Miami Valley, Kettering, Sycamore, and Elizabeth Place Medical Center. Most surgeries, including cosmetic eyelid surgeries, are performed in our office.

Please feel free to call us anytime you have questions or concerns. When our office is closed, our answering service will provide you with the number of the Montgomery County Medical Society (463-1607), and they will put you in touch with our doctor on call.

We care about you, and can serve you best if we understand your problems and concerns, and if you understand the services we provide. We will always do everything we possibly can to provide the absolute best eye care to all of our patients.